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David Lee Photography
I started photography late in life and often wish I had started sooner and taken better pictures of my travels to other countries.  Now I have a reason to travel  more and shoot some great photos to make up for those missed opportunities.  I want to revisit Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, most of the United States, and Canada, and as many other countries as I can fit in to get those missed photos.

I have a Tax preparation and financial services business which accounts for part of my year, about 4 months, and the rest is free time. 

So with all this free time I started taking some photo's and the idea of doing something artistic, took hold, and  was enjoyable. I might even have a knack for it, they say you can become an expert at anything with 10,000 hours of practice and training. I was never anywhere near artistic, in fact just the opposite, a complete failure at that sort of thing.  Why not give something new a try has always been my attitude. I find that after about five years doing the same thing I start to get bored with the same old routine, my work history illustrates that perfectly.
Images of David's work coming soon