the arthouse on mill stis a division of smudges art shoppe inc.
Marko Jalava
My education in the techniques of painting began at an early age; observing my father at work in his studio. Moreover, my motivation for painting also began at early age; observing my father at work within his mind. A prolific, precise and professional artist, my father sold his works both privately and through a network of galleries in Southern Ontario. Painting was his sole vocation for his working life.

I only found the courage to pick up a paint brush in 2001 and shortly thereafter began showing and selling my work. In 2004 I opened ENiGMA Art Gallery and Studio, where I developed a large customer base, selling my original pieces and taking on numerous commissions. In 2007 I closed the gallery in Calgary and moved to Chilliwack.  In Chilliwack, I have owned and operated ENIGMART and Smudges Art Shoppe.  Currently, I own and operate The Arthouse on Mill St., a vibrant space that embraces art in all it's forms.   

My styles and subject matter have continued to evolve but my motivations have not. My intentions, at the onset of my career as an artist, were to create a body of work that was accessible and timeless. That has not changed . My art should not only be accessible monetarily but, more importantly, on an intellectual level. I seek to provide context and perspective; literally and figuratively. In my work I am not seeking ambiguity, nor do I strive for shock value. My paintings should not only evoke questions, they should also provide answers. When I paint landscapes I use colour, vivid colour: I find this necessary . In my portraitures and cityscapes I do not, I attempt to colour these with human expression, circumstance and emotion.